Patient Testimonials

Excellence in medicine is what you can anticipate when you go to Lim-Keith for your care. The practice has almost everything contained in one office, from internal medicine to specialty physicians, including on-site lab and x-ray services. The friendly, yet professional front office staff will help you get set up to see Dr. Emmanuel Lim. During your visit, Dr. Lim will refer you to their specialists if you need further care. Should you need any specialty care that the office does not handle in-house, you will be referred to a doctor within their network of hand-picked specialists.

I have been a patient of this practice since 2005, and am a patient with many chronic illnesses, so I can attest to the quality care that they provide, contrasted with other internal medicine and HIV specialists in the area. As a team, the back office staff has always provided best-in-class care for myself and my Partner. Although I consider myself very persnickety about my medical providers, I would surely not entrust my Partner’s life with anyone else but Dr. Lim and his expert team. I have the utmost confidence that, although Dr. Lim or his staff are not calling me all the time, they are ‘watching my back’ behind-the-scenes for things like abnormal lab numbers and the like. In several instances, they have caught out-of-balance blood work, and Dr. Lim’s care has indeed saved my life.

Furthermore, should you ever need hospitalization, the physicians at Lim-Keith are in constant contact with Olympia Hospital Medical Center, which will insure your continuity of care. If you ever need to be hospitalized at Olympia, you will be provided with best in class hospital care, as well as a better than hospital food menu to choose from.

Dr. Lim also works closely with local pharmacists and ancillary care providers. My Partner and I, for example, have been very satisfied with the team, which is within the same block as Dr. Lim’s office. Your regular medications can be electronically prescribed directly to most pharmacies, and then you can call to make sure they are ready for pick up on your way home from the Lim-Keith building.

If you are looking to begin a long-term relationship with a physician who truly cares about you, then look no further than Lim-Keith Multispecialty Medical Clinic.