X Ray Services On-site

At Lim-Keith Multispecialty Medical Clinic, we carry state-of-the-art X-ray machines that can assess the more problematic disturbances that are not visible on the surface. These devices work by emitting X-rays that pass through parts of the body, which are absorbed by the bones and lungs, but not by tissues. The contrast in the level of absorption is digitally mapped on a piece of film, so a clear picture can be observed and studied. This will give the doctors a foundation in determining an accurate diagnosis.

Although X-rays are being passed through the body, our staff members carefully monitor and control the procedure so that only safe amounts are exposed during a very short amount of time. There are extremely low risks using this type of imaging, and the benefits greatly outweigh any possible side effects.

X-rays provide a three-fold service that is greatly beneficial in the medical field. They are used to detect precursors of a potential problem, diagnose a current problem, and even show the outcome after a problem has been treated. From revealing broken bones to mammary cancer, X-rays are a vital tool that allows us to continue to treat patients with great care and precision.

We work hard to provide the most recent technology and diagnostic tests at a reasonable price to our patients.