Ultrasound Services On-site

What do Ultrasounds do?
Our clinic is proud to house an on-site ultrasound machine, which is used to produce images of internal organs, vessels, and tissues. The ultrasound procedure involves using sound waves to bounce off of various internal organs, each of which project the sound waves back in a different way. These specific differences create the images that doctors can view off of a monitor. The use of ultrasounds give doctors a more detailed inspection of the body at work internally.

What are the risks of using Ultrasounds?
Because ultrasounds use sound waves rather than radiation, the procedure is completely harmless and painless. The application of a gel on the area of interest is required before the procedure begins, which only gives a chilly sensation. Depending on the procedure, a probe may be inserted into a natural orifice, which may cause a little discomfort. Ultrasounds are routinely used with pregnant patients to check up on the baby before it is born, which emphasizes its harmlessness.

What are the benefits of using Ultrasounds?
As mentioned previously, ultrasounds are very beneficial because of its use of sound waves rather than radiation. The procedure is also very quick and allows an easier assessment of the internal organs and vessels compared to CT and MRI. Ultrasounds also give doctors more vision when obtaining a biopsy from internal cells, which speeds up the procedure and increases accuracy.