What is Psychiatry?
Psychiatry is a medical field in which a psychiatrist (doctor who specializes in this field) treats and prevents disorders that inflict mental health. Our doctors at Lim-Keith Multispecialty Medical Group are qualified to assess and treat the physical and mental problems that are associated with a psychological disturbance.

Why visit a psychiatrist?
There are many reasons for people to visit a psychiatrist that include but are not limited to: experiencing panic attacks, feeling lonely or depressed, having suicidal thoughts, hearing voices or experiencing vivid hallucinations, intense feelings of anxiety, or experiencing a loss of control in life. If you or someone that you know is experiencing any of these symptoms, our experienced staff is available for a consultation and examination to find the root of the problem.

What kind of treatment can be provided?
Depending on the specific problem, treatments can range from psychotherapy to prescribed medications. We also offer clinical sessions in which the patient and doctor can converse in a one-on-one setting. This discussion can help assess the mental disorder, as well as help the patient understand the basis of the problem and overcome any emotional difficulties.

What else can I expect?
In addition to a physical examination, our in house psychiatrist may take neuroimages (special images of the brain), and administer various tests, such as a personality test or a cognitive test. Previous health records and knowledge of one’s family history would be greatly beneficial.

Meet Our Provider

Amor Del Mundo, MD
A graduate of the University of the East Medical School in 1979, Dr. Amor Del Mundo completed her specialty in General Psychiatry at the Louisiana State University Medical Center at Shreveport Louisiana in 1989.
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